Ensuring Quality

DAI is committed to achieving the highest technical and professional standards. We ensure that services performed and products provided meet or exceed the quality specifications in contracts and other customer agreements by establishing and monitoring oversight systems, maintaining substantiating evidence, documenting authorizations and approvals, and conducting training and regular reviews of performance. We don’t sacrifice excellence for expediency. An important part of excellence is holding ourselves accountable as individuals and as a company to our values and our commitments to safeguarding and actively countering racism and social inequality.

Managing Client Relationships

Maintaining a constructive and collaborative business relationship with DAI’s clients is essential to our success. You are expected to assist in this process by responsibly managing contractual, legal, policy, and professional matters, and meeting all ethical requirements.

Managing Client Relationships

Our clients rely on us for appropriate solutions and responsible management of their resources. You should bring to the immediate attention of senior management any concerns raised by client representatives so that we can take control of the issue and respond appropriately.

“Innovation has always been at the heart of DAI. But innovation without integrity is a hollow foundation. From our relentless emphasis on ethics training to our leadership on safeguarding or our commitment to more consistently demand racial and social equity, DAI’s employees know that how we conduct ourselves in the world is part and parcel of the good work we do.” —Maria Otero, DAI Board